First Amendment This Week: Trump Lies (Again); Norm Macdonald Puts Foot in Mouth (Twice)


In an attempt to ridicule diversity efforts, Dana Loesch’s NRA TV show depicts Thomas & Friends characters in Ku Klux Klan hoods

Screenshot of Dana Loesch and image of animated show "Thomas & Friends" with train characters in KKK hoods.
Dana Loesch’s KKK Choo-Choo from her NRA TV show Relentless (screenshot via NRA TV)

Trump lies like a legless dog, claims “3,000 people did not die” in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria

Tonight Show cancels Norm Macdonald appearance after comic defends Roseanne Barr and Louis C.K.

Macdonald apologizes, then has to apologize again after insensitive crack about Down syndrome

By a twelve-point margin, registered voters approve of Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ads; Nike stock closes at all-time high

Louisiana mayor rescinds order forbidding purchase of Nike products over Kaepernick ads

Judge deems California law banning gun ads from storefronts violates the First Amendment

Facebook cracks down on altered photos and videos in continuing battle against “false news”

First Amendment Last Week:
Deep State Strikes Back; Twitter Bans Alex Jones; Nike Releases Kaepernick Ad Campaign

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