First Amendment Today, July 17, 2018: Schwarzenegger Goes Terminator on #TreasonSummit; Viral Videos Galore; and…A Turtle Scandal!


Herpetology group strips honoree’s award after he presents slideshow featuring pics of scantily clad women with turtles

Photo of a bikini-clad young Asian woman sitting on a large inflatable turtle on a beach
Artist conception (apologies to Slava via Flickr)

“You stood there like a little wet noodle, like a little fanboy”: Arnold Schwarzenegger trolls Trump over Helsinki performance

While POTUS curtsies to Putin in Finland, Michael Cohen decries Russian meddling in U.S. election

Candid shot of Donald Trump's former consiglieri, Michael Cohen, from 2011
President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, in 2011 ( via Flickr)

Nation scribe Sam Husseini forcibly removed from Trump/Putin press conference for holding sign that reads, “Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty”

Democratic Socialists boot fascist “Proud Boys” from Los Angeles bar

Viral Video of the Day: Georgia cops arrest female speeder after using coin-toss app to decide her fate

Viral Video of the Day (Ivory Tower Edition): Executive director of Harvard University’s Humanitarian Initiative snubs neighbor with biracial child, asks if they live in “affordable housing”

Viral Video of the Day (Jerry Springer Edition): White twins in Colorado attack Hispanic family, call them “fat Mexicans,” get arrested

Reason‘s Declan McCullagh argues that Matt Furie’s Pepe the Frog caricature has been “memed” into the public domain

Spotted on Sports Illustrated swimsuit catwalk: Breastfeeding mom, Paralympian with prosthetic leg

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