First Amendment Today, July 19, 2018: Trump Mulls Further Treason; Elon Musk Apologizes; and… Facebook Tolerates Holocaust Deniers


Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook will not censor Infowars or Holocaust deniers

Black-and-white photo of a dozen children in concentration camp garb, taken during the liberation of Auschwitz in early 1945
Child survivors of Auschwitz, 1945 (public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Upon Further Review: Elon Musk apologizes for tweeting that member of Thai cave rescue team is a “pedo guy”

Photo of Elon Musk, seated, in profile, looking pensive
(OnInnovation via Flickr)

Viral #InMyFeelingsChallenge inspires perilous imitations of Instagram star/Drake superfan Shiggy

#ProtectMcFaul trends on Twitter as White House refuses to rule out allowing Russian prosecutors to question ex-ambassador to Moscow

Slut Naming: CNN exposes ex-radio host and current Republican congressman’s history of on-air misogyny

Photo of a red 'in case of emergency'-type box featuring a stencil of a man's face and a stencil that reads: 'Emergency Sexist: Smash This'
(Jeremy Keith via Flickr)

Barack Obama admonishes liberals not to shut people down “because they are white or they are male”

Embed from Getty Images

Ted Nugent calls gun-violence victim’s dad a “dumbfuck” at Virginia concert

Embed from Getty Images

Federal judge rules that the State of Washington erred in censoring artworks by imprisoned Native American activist Leonard Peltier

Image of Native American activist and convicted murderer Leonard Peltier, part of a mural in San Francisco's Mission District
Part of a mural on a storefront in San Francisco’s Mission District, depicting Native American activist and convicted murderer Leonard Peltier (photo by Gary Stevens via Flickr)

Bipartisan group of representatives sponsors U.S. House bill that would bar confidentiality agreements in sexual-harassment settlements

Embed from Getty Images

Showtime denies Sarah Palin’s claim that Sacha Baron Cohen was dressed as a disabled military veteran when he punked her

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