First Amendment Today, July 3, 2018: Trump FARTs; Libertarians Vote to Decriminalize Sex Work; …and Michelle Wolf Likens Ivanka to an STD!


FART Act slips out, causes stink over POTUS’s plans to abandon World Trade Organization

Photo of a bag of candy with a label that reads 'FARTS: So fun they'll make you laugh!';
Coming soon to the White House gift shop? (Eli Christman via Flickr)

Trump disses Harley-Davidson for moving some production overseas; most Trump Organization goods are manufactured abroad

Womp Womp: Alan Dershowitz says his fellow swells on Martha’s Vineyard are shun him for defending Trump’s civil liberties

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California Supreme Court says Yelp can’t be compelled to take down defamatory content posted on its site

photo of a red balloon with white type that reads 'I * Yelp', in which the * is Yelp's trademarked star icon
(Laura Northrup via Flickr [cropped])

Virginia judge dismisses wrongful-termination suit by woman who was fired for flipping off Trump

Libertarian National Convention votes to support decriminalization of consensual commercial sex among adults

U.S. Sen. Ron Paul apologizes for tweeting/deleting racist “Cultural Marxism” cartoon, says staffer posted it

Comedian Michelle Wolf compares Ivanka Trump to vaginal mesh, a recalled birth control pill, a cancerous tumor, and herpes — all in one segment

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