First Amendment Today, June 20, 2018: Donald Trump Immigrant Child Snatching Edition!


National demonstrations against White House child-separation policy announced for June 30

Photo of a man and a little girl at an anti-Trump demonstration in San Rafael.
From an anti-Trump rally in San Rafael on November 20, 2016. (Fabrice Florin via Flickr)

Photo of Honduran child crying as mother’s detained inspires Facebook fundraising effort that’s netted more than $5 million $7 million

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David Hogg demands boycott of Laura Ingraham’s sponsors over callous remarks about children detained at Mexican border

NAACP, ACLU, other civil-rights groups call on NFL to reverse new knee-taking ban

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette political cartoonist canned for anti-Trump “obsession”

Florida man’s First Amendment victory is his second at Supreme Court

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Trump hater and Minnesota Senate candidate Richard Painter releases incendiary campaign ad on YouTube

Multimillionaire Steve Forbes: U.S. tariffs on Canadian newsprint pose a threat to press freedom

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