First Amendment Today, May 24, 2018: Trump Violates; NFL Cracks Down; …and an Anime Titty Holocaust!


Federal judge rules that Trump’s Twitter feed is a public forum and that the president has violated the First Amendment by blocking users

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Trump Twitter ruling doesn’t mean all of Twitter is subject to the First Amendment, just Trump’s account (and potentially those of all public officials)

Read U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald’s ruling: She didn’t issue an injunction ordering Trump to unblock users — but she might, if Trump doesn’t comply

NFL requires all on-field players to stand during the national anthem

Families of Sandy Hook victims sue conspiracy-peddler Alex Jones over hoax claims

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While anti-porn crusaders declare victory, adult-game developers cry “anime titty holocaust” after vendor threatens crackdown on ribald content

Tweedy fascist Richard Spencer clarifies: The alt-right is not “pro-free speech.” Duh.

White nationalist Richard Spencer in a three-piece suit, holding a microphone at seminar, pointing.
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Maryland ACLU appeals dismissal of a lawsuit that challenged the Baltimore Police Department’s use of nondisclosure agreements in settlements

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“The Stains of John McCain: A Front Page Confidential Special Report by Stephen Lemons”

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