First Amendment Today, May 25, 2018: Trump Suggests NFL Kneelers ‘Shouldn’t Be in the Country; …and Javier Bardem Speaks Out on Spain’s Giant Vagina Crackdown!


Trump: Maybe NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem “shouldn’t be in the country”

photo-iIlustration showing Donnald Trump photoshopped in place of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial statue, with the title 'Louse of Barbs,' a pun on the HBO series 'House of Cards'
(DonkeyHotey via Flickr)

The Borowitz Report: NFL adds First Amendment to banned substances list

New York Jets chairman Christopher Johnson promises to back players who protest during anthem

Columnist: Federal judge’s decision on Trump’s “personal” Twitter account “turns the traditional way of viewing the First Amendment on its head”

Illustration of Trump firing an M-60 machine gun that fires off images of the Twitter bird symbol.
(ruperto miller via Flickr)

Kanye West handpicks photo of Whitney Houston’s drug-filled bathroom for cover of Pusha T’s album, Daytona

Oscar winner Javier Bardem condemns Spain’s crackdown on “blasphemous” vagina parade, warns that government repression harks back to “era of Franco”

Southern Baptist seminary leader booted for spouting sexist bilge, encouraging abused women to “pray through” their beatings

Cal Poly–San Luis Obispo “investigates” students who sang a satirical version of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” in protest of the presence of a Raytheon booth at a school career fair

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