Statement from Jim Larkin’s Family on His Recent Death

Veteran newspaperman Jim Larkin, 1949-2023
The following is a statement from the family of award-winning newspaperman Jim Larkin, who died on Monday, July 31. He was 74.

From the Family of Jim Larkin:

We are devastated at the loss of James Anthony Larkin. Jim was an incredible husband, father, grandfather, colleague, and friend. His life and legacy embody the spirit of his home, the Sonoran Desert. Jim fearlessly blazed his own path in life and always stuck to it.

As the publisher of the Phoenix New Times and other weekly alternative newspapers for over forty years, Jim fought for voices and issues ignored by society. He fought against police brutality, he fought for immigrant rights, and, above all, he fought tooth and nail for free speech. He wasn’t afraid to pick up the unmovable boulders of our society and shine light on the corruption beneath. While many publishers abandoned journalistic principles in the face of pressure and harassment, Jim stood fast and fought for the truth.

Jim Larkin’s publications and unwillingness to compromise on the value of free speech drew the attention and ire of powerful interests throughout his career. Jim shouldered the burdens forced upon him head-on with the full support of his family and friends.

Above all else, Jim’s proudest achievement is his family, his six adult children, four grandchildren, and his marriage to his wife. He was brilliant, kind, humble, and compassionate. Our world will not be the same without this uniquely caring, strong, and noble man, but we will continue to honor his legacy every day. We love and miss him dearly.

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