First Amendment Today, May 22, 2018: ‘Cum’ Censoring in South Carolina, Lawn-Shaming in Texas, …and more T-Shirt Troubles!


Summa BLEEP! Laude: Publix grocery store in Charleston, South Carolina, censors high school student’s graduation cake

photo of a graduation cake with frosting lettering that reads: “Congrats Jacob! Summa ... Laude Class of 2018”
Summa say what? Graduation cake courtesy of a profanity-vigilant but Latin-challenged Publix near you! (Cara Koscinski via Facebook)

11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholds Florida Department of Corrections ban on Prison Legal News

Photo of chain-link fence-like gates surrounding a prison complex
U.S. Bureau of Land Management via Flickr)

Senior sues Liberty High School in suburban Portland, Oregon, after administrators suspend him for wearing Trump Border Wall T-shirt

Photo of a T-shirt which reads "Donald J. Trump's Border Wall Construction Co.: The Wall Just Got 10 Feet Taller"
(photo via U.S. federal court records)

Far-right extremists say First Amendment protects them in Charlottesville lawsuit

Embed from Getty Images

Hundreds of German censors police Facebook for hate speech and other content verboten under EU law…

Embed from Getty Images

…Meanwhile, left-wing U.S. groups petition Federal Trade Commission to break up Facebook monopoly

University of Virginia alumnus reads Bible verses aloud on campus to protest restrictive new speech codes

Embed from Getty Images

Officials in Canadian city of Hamilton, Ontario, claim anarchist “circle-A” is a hate symbol

Photo of Asian girl giving fist salute in front on anarchy symbol painted in black on white background.
(photo by Steven Depolo via Flickr)

Sneaky “lawn-shaming” sign in Texas man’s unkept yard causes uproar on Reddit

Embed from Getty Images

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