First Amendment Today, May 3, 2018: Rudy on Stormy Payoff, ‘Nutty’ the Tree Sitter, …and Can a Breastfeeding Video Be Child Porn?


Rudy Giuliani: President Trump reimbursed attorney Michael Cohen $130,000 for hush money paid to Stormy Daniels

Dave Chappelle says fellow comedian Michelle Wolf spoke “truth to power” at White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner’s “lame-ass crowd”

Florida judge rules that defendant’s breastfeeding videos may be admitted as evidence in child-porn prosecution against her. If found guilty, Leigh Felten could face life in prison.

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U.S. Forest Service’s efforts to isolate tree-sitting pipeline protester known as “Nutty” spark First Amendment lawsuit in Virginia

Screenshot from a television newscast showing several people kneeling on a rural road near a tree stand occupied by a protester opposed to the installation of a natural-gas pipeline
Protesters opposed to a natural-gas pipeline kneel near a tree stand occupied by fellow protester “Nutty” (screenshot via WDBJ-TV [Channel 7], Roanoke, Virginia)

United Kingdom’s Universities and Science Minister announces get-tough policy on attempts by student radicals to “de-platform” controversial speakers

Color photo of United Kingdom Universities and Science Minister Sam Gyimah, a black man with close-cropped hair and black horn-rimmed glasses, speaking into a microphone at a lectern
Sam Gyimah, U.K. Universities and Science Minister (Policy Exchange via Flickr)

DNC lawsuit against WikiLeaks for publishing Dems’ hacked emails is a threat to freedom of the press, says the Intercept

Computer wallpaper depicting a blue image of planet Earth, a headshot of Julian Assange, and the WikiLeaks logo
(Laurel L. Russwurm via Flickr)

Federal judge says Philadelphia’s ban on employers asking salary-history questions violates the First Amendment

Photo of exterior detail of a corner of the James A. Byrne United States Courthouse in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, showing the words 'The Guardian of Liberty' etched in stone
The James A. Byrne United States Courthouse in Philadelphia (Jeffrey M. Vinocur via Wikimedia Commons)

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