First Amendment Today, May 7, 2018: The NRA, the Toxic ‘Trump Effect,’ and Amy Schumer vs. the Purity Police


“I think we’ve reached peak snowflake”: Bill Maher blasts “purity police” for ripping Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty over “fat shaming”

“The NRA is a terrorist organization”: Mad Dog PAC bankrolls nationwide billboard campaign

New study: “Trump effect” causes white haters to hate more

Image of an orange-on-black stencil of Donald Trump, raising his tiny hands
(DonkeyHotey via Flickr)

Tommy Robinson, Gavin McInnes, and other alt-right/alt-lite heavyweights speak at “free speech” rally in London

Regrets only: Phoenix calligraphy studio declines to create same-sex wedding invites, challenges city’s non-discrimination ordinance

Still-life photo of an ink bottle and a sheet of paper with the alphabet written in fancy script
(Marianne Madden via Flickr)

Amazon threatens to suspend Signal encrypted-messaging app; civil-liberties groups cry foul

Icon for the messaging app Signal, which looks like a white dialogue bubble on a blue background.
(Tyler Reinhard via Wikimedia Commons)

Reed College’s “Reedies Against Racism” group demands Oregon college nix European and white authors in Humanities 110


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