First Amendment Today, June 18, 2018: Special ‘Racism Gone Viral’ Edition!


Trump wants “his people” to “sit up at attention” when he speaks, like North Koreans do for dictator Kim Jong-un

Sticker depicting a smiling Kim Jong-un, affixed to a lamppost
A Kim Jong-un sticker by Washington, D.C.-based street artist Smear Leader (Elvert Barnes via Flickr)

Complaints from female bus drivers spur New York City MTA to pull Museum of Sex ads

Embed from Getty Images

California judge will hear white nationalist Jared Taylor’s First Amendment lawsuit against Twitter for banning his account

Alan Dershowitz: ACLU has morphed from “neutral protector of civil liberties” into “partisan advocate of liberal politics”

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FOSTA/SESTA pushes sex workers onto the streets — in Australia

Embed from Getty Images

“Intellectual dark web” darling Jordan Peterson threatens to sue fellow prof who tweeted that he’s a “white nationalist” and an “incel misogynist”

Racism Gone Viral (Midwest edition): St.Louis waitress fired, thrown out of Air Force Reserve after appearing in “going n****r hunting” Snapchat video

Racism Gone Viral (West Coast edition): White guy asks African-American woman and her five-year-old daughter whether they showered before using the hotel pool

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