First Amendment Today, May 1, 2018: R. Kelly, Milo Y., Matt G. (and Apu!)


R. Kelly rep on #TimesUp movement to #MuteRKelly: “Attempted public lynching”

color photo of R. Kelly performing in his "Mr. Show Biz Presents: The Light it Up Tour," April 9, 2006, Atlantic City, NJ
(Nicholas Ballasy via Wikimedia Commons)

Alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos lays off staff after the death of his crypto-billionaire patron, Matthew Mellon

color photo of Milo Yiannopoulos speaking at the LeWeb13 conference in London
(@Kmeron for LeWeb13 via Flickr)

Simpsons creator Matt Groening pooh-poohs outrage over show’s Indian character, Apu: “People love to pretend they’re offended”

photo of supermarket promotion for "The Simpsons Movie," depicting the cartoon character Apu and a speech balloon that reads, "Every item guaranteed fresh or your money begrudgingly refunded."
(Tricia via Flickr)

Comedian Michelle Wolf tells NPR’s Terry Gross she “wouldn’t change a single word” of her zinger-laden routine at White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner (WHCD)

Embed from Getty Images

Incoming White House Correspondents’ Association president Olivier Knox continues group’s ballsless reaction to backlash over Wolf’s performance; says WHCD should be “boring”

The Roots Michael Harriot blasts mainstream media’s cowardly response to Wolf’s routine: “One of the top 10 moments of white tears I’ve ever seen”

Social justice warrior slams Salt Lake City student’s Chinese-style prom dress as “cultural appropriation”; Twitter flips out 

Federal judge refuses to dismiss First Amendment lawsuit against UC Berkeley that alleges discrimination against right-wing speakers

color photo of the Sather Gate at the University of California – Berkeley, with the top of the Sather Tower visible in the background
(Tristan Harward via Wikimedia Commons)

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