First Amendment Today, July 2, 2018: Maxine Waters Doubles Down; Citizens Protest; …and U.S. Senate Intern Shouts What Many Are Thinking


Maxine Waters to those who’ve threatened her life since she advocated for public harassment of Trump officials: “You better shoot straight”

Photo of Maxine Waters speaking at a podium.
Representative Maxine Waters of California speaking at a 2017 Tax March in Washington, DC. (majunzk via Flickr)

Viral Video of the Day: U.S. Senate intern caught yelling, “Fuck You!” in Donald Trump’s general direction

Trump warns critics they’d better “take it easy” with their “language” and “radical ideas”

Twitter screenshot showing Fox News host Maria Bartiroma interviewing President Donald Trump (click to watch video)
President Donald Trump shares his opinions of his critics with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo (screenshot via Twitter; click image to view video)

More than 700 demonstrations across the U.S. protest Trump’s policy of separating migrant families at the Mexican border

Embed from Getty Images

New York Times reporter Adam Liptak: Conservatives have “weaponized” the First Amendment

The Federalist’s David Marcus blasts Liptak’s piece as an “illiberal and wrongheaded attack on free speech”

Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern denounces Bill Maher for inviting conservative guests to HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher

Victorious plaintiff Mark Janus explains why he took his First Amendment case on forced union dues to the U.S. Supreme Court

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