First Amendment Today, July 16, 2018: #TreasonSummit Trending Up; Elon Musk Trending Down; and… Is Grindr Guilty of ‘Sexual Racism’?


Trump deems E.U. “foe” of U.S.; Merriam-Webster trolls POTUS as “foe of democracy”

Photo of President Donald Trump speaking at a lectern with a large televised image of Trump in the background
(Gage Skidmore via Flickr)

#TreasonSummit hashtag is trending as Trump readies to meet with Putin in Helsinki

Elon Musk smears Brit rescuer of Thai boys as a “pedo” after caver disparages Musk’s little submarine

Federal judge orders Los Angeles Times to delete details of prosecutor’s plea deal with cop after law enforcement mistakenly published the agreement on a publicly accessible online database

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U.S. government drops opposition to Texas man’s DIY guide for making guns with a 3-D printer

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Viral Video of the Day: Chicago police release bodycam footage of shooting that led to clashes with police

YouTube shuts down erotic filmmaker’s channel after she posts conversations with sex workers

Asian-American activist threatens dating app Grindr with class-action lawsuit over alleged anti-Asian/anti-black “sexual racism”

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