First Amendment Today, July 4, 2018: Facebook Censors Declaration of Independence; #SecondCivilWar Breaks Out on Twitter


Conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones predicts second Civil War, sparking Twitter uprising of #SecondCivilWarLetters

Screenshot of video showing Alex Jones firing a rifle at a gun range.
Brigadier Gen. Alex Jones prepares to defend Emperor Trump from the liberal hordes in America’s upcoming Second Civil War (screenshot via YouTube)

Facebook algorithm deletes part of the Declaration of Independence for violating site’s “hate speech” restrictions

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Bowing to MAGA crowd boycott, Walmart pulls “Impeach 45” T-shirts from online marketplace

New York Times reassigns reporter Ali Watkins following Justice Department investigation that exposed her relationship with Senate Intelligence Committee aide

FOSTA fears lead sex workers to flee Twitter for Austria-based

British MPs set to debate UK version of FOSTA in House of Commons

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Rich Man, Pour Man: All heck breaks loose after Trump misspells a word in a tweet boasting of his writing prowess

South Carolina cops demand that high schools remove from summer reading lists books that create “distrust of police”

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