First Amendment This Week: Deep State Strikes Back; Twitter Bans Alex Jones; Nike Releases Kaepernick Ad Campaign


New York Times publishes anonymous op-ed from “senior official in the Trump administration” who claims to be “part of the resistance” in the White House

Photo of the White House from the south lawn.
(U.S. Department of State via Flickr)

Trump blows a gasket, demands that the Times finger “gutless” writer for “National Security purposes”

Photo of a giant balloon that looks like a big chicken with Trump's likeness.
(Ted Eytan via Flickr)

Vice President Mike Pence and a host of other administration officials deny they wrote the so-called Lodestar column

Gambling sites are taking bets on identity of “Lodestar” author, with Mike Pence the fave at -150

Demonstrators disrupt Senate hearing on SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, prompting Trump to wonder why protests are permitted

Twitter permanently bans conspiracy kook Alex Jones and his website, Infowars

Nike unveils Colin Kaepernick ad campaign, and snowflakes burn their shoes

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