First Amendment Today, April 26, 2018: Top Headlines From the Fight for Free Speech


Texas Appeals Court Declares State’s “Revenge Porn” Law Unconstitutional

Image of Scrabble tiles that spell out "REVENGE PORN"
(Marco Verch via Flickr)

Reno 8th Grader Sues School for Violating His First Amendment Right to Wear Pro-Second Amendment Shirt

“Nazi Pug” YouTuber Raises £100,000 to Appeal British Court’s £800 Fine for Being Funny

screenshot of a pug watching a computer monitor on which a video about Adolf Hitler is playing
Buddha watches Triumph of the Will in Count Dankula’s video (screenshot via YouTube)

Penn State University’s Daily Collegian Wonders What’s Up with All the College White Chicks Who Wanna Drop the N-Bomb

CUNY Law Students Heckle Conservative Law Professor, Cry, “Fuck the Law!”

CUNY students hold signs in a classroom to protest a conservative law school professor's speech.
(Screenshot via YouTube)

Fresno State Concludes Obvious: University Can’t Punish English Prof for Calling Barbara Bush an “Amazing Racist”

photo of Fresno State University faculty member Randa Jarrar with a flower in her hair, used with permission of the photographer, Adela Santana
Trigger warning: Fiction writer and Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar made few friends on Twitter when she blasted recently deceased Barbara Bush immediately after the announcement of the First Lady’s death at age 92 (photo by Adela Santana; used with permission)

SLAPP Suit Woes: Florida Court Hits Janet Reno’s Sister with $4.4M Judgment for Criticizing Mining Operation

Official portrait of Janet Reno, middle aged woman wearing glasses with an American flag in the background.
Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno. (via Wikimedia Commons )

High School Florida Teen’s Racist “Promposal” Protected by First Amendment, Says Law Prof

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