First Amendment Today, May 9, 2018: Animal House at Syracuse; the Intellectual Dark Web; Cops Cordon Off PETA


Meta-protest! PETA cries First Amendment foul after cops in upstate New York cordon off circus-elephant demonstration

Dramatically lit color photo of a line of performing circus elephants standing on their hind legs with with their front feet on the back of the elephant ahead of them
(Laura LaRose via Flickr)

Google bans ads from bail-bond companies

Dramatically lit color photo of a bail-bonds storefront whose door is propped open with a large water cooler jug
(Daniel Schwen via Wikimedia Commons)

Syracuse University evicts frat — and fires adjunct professor! — over satirical videos

Texas school district suspends lesbian teacher for promoting “homosexual agenda”

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Anti-death penalty Arkansas judge invokes First Amendment in suit against state supreme court that barred him from capital cases

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New York Times columnist Bari Weiss plumbs the “Intellectual Dark Web”

Did “free speech warriors” make America safe for white supremacists?

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