First Amendment Today, May 16, 2018: Michael Avenatti, Boardwalk Buskers, ‘Hateful Content’ on Spotify


Is Stormy Daniels’s cocky mouthpiece, Michael Avenatti, a First Amendment hero?…

screenshot of attorney Michael Avenatti during a May 9, 2018, interview on the MSNBC news program 'Morning Joe' ... wearing a white cowboy hat courtesy of some cheesy Photoshop-ing

 …Or is he a massive anti-free-speech douche?

screenshot of attorney Michael Avenatti during a May 9, 2018, interview on the MSNBC news program 'Morning Joe' ... wearing Frank Sinatra's hat courtesy of some cheesy Photoshop-ing
Michael Avenatti, attorney for Stormy Daniels — and first-class First Amendment weenie (YouTube screenshot, with a tip of the cap to Ol’ Blue Eyes)

Jugglers, balloon artists, and buskers rejoice! Judge rules that Ocean City, Maryland, restrictions on boardwalk performers violate the First Amendment

Feminists demand that Spotify apply new “hateful content” policy to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, and others

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Porn peddler Larry Flynt loses appeal in bid to open Hustler Hollywood store near Castleton, Indiana, Chuck E. Cheese

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Louisiana school district nixes public prayer and Christian propaganda as part of consent decree

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U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether Minnesota’s dress code for polling places violates the First Amendment

Photo of a polling place in a storefront, with glass windows and doors, and signs posted saying "Polling Place" in english and other languages.
(Sam Felder via Flickr)

University of Mary Washington ends financial support for print edition of campus paper, raising First Amendment concerns

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