First Amendment Today, August 22, 2018: Reason Exclusive on Backpage ‘Witch Hunt’ Goes Viral; Antifa Beats Down Liberal Protester; Animal Crackers Now PC


Reason‘s exclusive interview with Backpage’s former co-owners is burning up the internet

Trump’s top economic adviser Larry Kudlow partied with a white nationalist

Nabisco caves to PETA, releases circus critters from “cage” on animal-cracker boxes

Viral Video of the Day: Antifa beats down “progressive leftist” for toting an American flag during anti-fascist event in Portland, Oregon

Bill Maher defends Alex Jones, says free speech means “the speech you hate”

Trump kinda-sorta fesses up to violating ex-CIA director John Brennan’s First Amendment rights

Photo of a poster of Trump screaming with the title, "Tangerine Tyrant."
London street art. (Graham C99 via Flickr)

Rutgers University finds white professor guilty of racial harassment for sarcastic comments about “little Caucasian assholes” on his personal Facebook page

Federal judge rules that testing requirement for city tour guides in Charleston, South Carolina, violates the First Amendment

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